Lingap Kalikasan Park: Little Baguio

         Summer is, by far, the best season for unwinding and forgetting about school. It’s the time of the year where you just go wherever you want to go, or just stay home and then “Netflix and chill,” or just grab your purse, call your friends, and just enjoy the summer heat. You can go by the beach and enjoy the ocean of stress-free life, or you can visit some places like the Summer Capital of the Philippines, also known as Baguio City.  But isn’t it too costly and exhausting to travel, say 4 hours, just to overcome the heat and unwind?

       Well, worry no more because located inside the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) is the well-known Little Baguio. Little Baguio or commonly known as Lingap Kalikasan Park is, like what its name says, a miniature of Baguio City’s relaxing ambiance and view. With numerous trees planted and the relaxing wind massaging one’s soul, there’s no doubt that Lingap Kalikasan Park is also a place inside the university that is listed on the must-visit places. One can enjoy the view of the trees, or the silence of the whole place, or just listen as the nature sings. It is truly a place for unwinding. “You can let your eyes go to the sun, and to the wind your soul, this place is all colors in one at full brightness.” (credits of the original quote goes to Ms. Jennifer Niven, author of All The Bright Places).

By: Bernadette Banan

Photo credits: Manny Francisco


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