Sunflower Farm: Kissed by the Sun

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        The summer heat can already be felt around the country, including the university that stood high and sturdy over numerous years, Central Luzon State University (CLSU). The sun, although a myriad of light years away from the earth, sets the planet ablaze and gives people the feeling and the need to take a time off of the summer stress and just enjoy the sun over a cold iced tea and the relaxing feeling that the various places enlisted on the must-visit list give. There are known places to be wandered and wonders to be discovered in CLSU, and one of these is the famous Sunflower Farm. Located just beside the Research and Extension Training (RET) Complex, CLSU, the Sunflower Farm is probably one of the most visited place in the university. A lot of people outside the university visits the place just to be able to check out the beauty of the flowers kissed by the sun, to see the only sunflower farm in the whole busy Science City of Munoz, and possibly in the whole province. The Sunflower Farm became one of the point of interest of every Novo Ecijano, and just like how quick the time passes by, the beauty of the farm spread on various social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and it became quite famous to the point that one would say “You are not a Novo Ecijano if you haven’t visited the Sunflower Farm,” and it would seem true.

       But why would someone visit the place, you ask? Well, for starters there’s no entrance fee or any of that stuff. You only need a camera and really nice OOTD and then you have an Instagram-worthy shot. Second, and most importantly, is that the view of the sunflower farm is such a sight to see. You wouldn’t feel the burning heat coming from the sun, but rather you would be mesmerized by the (more or less) five-feet tall sunflowers and their radiating color. So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and choose your best outfit and check out the famous sunflower farm of CLSU while the sun is up. Don’t forget, they are afraid of the dark.

By: Bernadette Banan

Photo credits: Jinow Garcia (link: )


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