A Summer tale: What’s yours?

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          This is an event happening at CLSU Oval (sports field), the CLSU Summer Festo. This event is the counterpart of the yearly Lantern Festival and Float Display every December. There were also floats, street dance contest, food stalls and much more to enjoy. That was perfect for the pleasant ambiance due to the cold breeze. Aside from the 10- minute fireworks display, the street dancing among different colleges come up with a twist. They tour the audience by dancing into different Asian festivals like in Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar and others. After that, comedy duo is the next part wherein you will surely entertained by their humorous side. One more thing that you will enjoy in this event was the Color Fun Run wherein it was joined by many individuals coming from different places, as well as those who were in a different university. The most successful event, since the summer season is approaching, what better way to beat the heat is to welcome it with a pool party. Through this, it was the most popular fun session which is the Wet Party.

           Join and be one of this unforgettable experience!

By: Kate Ann Policarpio

Photo credits to: CLSU Facebook Page


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