Central Luzon State University is a well-known university in the Central Luzon, not only because of the high quality education that the university is offering, but also because of how the university gives importance to nature. The massive number of trees planted throughout the university makes the university a place of peace and harmony, a university of nature and earth, a place full of other wonders.

       And through the road of meeting trees, tall and sturdy, comes a place filled with more nature, the Baywatch. Located near the third gate of the university, this hidden beauty of the campus is finally getting the attention it deserves. One can be found sitting under the tree, looking at the ponds, and just letting the stress go away. That’s the magic of the place, it’s all so relaxing that one would actually, at some point, forget everything and just focus on where he is, asking himself what a wonderful place it is. The Baywatch is a place for relaxation and appreciation of the nature, and if you’re a nature lover or simply a person who carry the burden of the world, then this place, as relaxing as it sounds, is a place for you.

By: Bernadette Banan


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