Chill trap: More than just games and food

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Calling out all barkadas! There’s another cool addition to the slew of interesting spots along the Old Market, CLSU.

      When in CLSU and searching for the perfect hangout place for you and your buddies, or searching for a new twist when going on a date with your special someone, try out Chill Trap.

     They have a diverse selection of games that were handpicked and imported by the owners themselves. A lot of these games are available locally like the Uno cards, snakes and ladder and Jenga. You can come dine of simply have some drinks while experiencing these board games.

       Chill Trap’s staff and owners are also very eager to teach everybody each board game they want to play in case they aren’t familiar with it yet. A real slice of heaven for people who would rather get a hands-on-quick tutorial than having to spend time running through the manual.

      Don’t be fooled, though Chill Trap is not just about the games and simply being a “bar”. Chill Trap caters American food, and the food is more satisfying with the 90’s background music.

By: Renselle Joy Palomo


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