Home for Treats

       People of all ages, from all countries, travel to different places for many reasons – namely sightseeing, leisure and adventure. Whether by plane, train, ship or automobile, travel is generally a pleasurable experience, at least for the people who can financially afford comfortable and safe methods of travel. However, some travelers prefer to focus more on discovering foods. By travelling, everyone can attempt to do something new like seeking some foods that can tantalize and satisfy their taste buds.

        Sometimes we eat a good meal but don’t get up from the table feeling satisfied. Most likely, sooner or later, we find ourselves rooting through different places for that perfect food item to calm those cravings.

      Food not only distinguishes and represents a culture, but can also reflects one’s personality and lifestyle. For foodies, travel revolves around sampling delicacies you can only find in a particular place, immersing in local culinary experiences, patronizing homegrown cafes and finding the best pasalubong you can bring back home.


[Photo credits to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Luzon_State_University#/media/File:GJG_1130.jpg ]

        Central Luzon State University (CLSU), not just a home for academic excellence but can also offer you products which are extraordinary and something that you haven’t yet experience. Through researches, different institution inside the university came up with distinctive discoveries and one-of-a-kind products that can only be found in CLSU.

        The delicacies in CLSU will surely make you go on a food trip in this peaceful and relaxing place in province.

Philippine Carabao Center

[Photo credits to: http://tubagbohol.mikeligalig.com/politics/the-philippine-carabao-act-of-1992/ (left), http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/538342/newstv/biyahenidrew/a-gastronomical-adventure-in-nueva-ecija-a-biyahe-ni-drew-itinerary (lower right) ]

       Since Nueva Ecija is the Rice Granary of the Philippines, you can see rice fields everywhere, including carabao which has an important role in farming activities that cannot be underestimated. In Philippine Carabao Center (PCC), promotion and implementation of researches was being done about on how carabaoes will be more beneficial, aside from the fact that it is useful in farming, and since we all know that it is an ingenious livestock resource. A quick look at carabao is enough proof that even in the age of industrialization, the carabao has still a lot to offer in terms of business opportunities.

       Carabaoes are well adapted to a hot humid climate and play a distinct role in the economy of farmers, which is primarily based on agricultural production systems. Of course, one of the essential benefits of carabaoes is that it provides high quality milk which are healthier compare to cow’s milk. Milking process in PCC is done twice a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and before that process they assure first that the carabaoes are all free from any bacteria.

Milka Krem


“The freshest milk is here!”

        Milka Krem is a dairy product outlet located near the Philippine Carabao Center. It sells the products from the processing plant of Philippine Carabao Center. Fresh carabao’s milk is their main ingredient in making different delicious and nutritious dairy products like ice cream, Mozzarella Cheese, Gouda Cheese, Pastillas De Leche, Espasol De Leche, and flavored milk drinks. All dairy products that are being offer to customers are always ensured by the management that it is pure and high quality products.

         Milka Krem is located along the Maharlika National Highway so it is easier for all the customers who want to drop by and taste some CLSU’s very own carabao’s milk dairy products that can also be your best pasalubong for your loved ones.

By: Catherine May Aguirre


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