Ipay’s Canteen


        You wouldn’t want to miss out the chance to eat delicious, tasty and really affordable food on this canteen that serves all-time favorite and mouth-watering dishes like chicken barbeque, sizzling sisig, and many more. It offers a lot of goodies with a lot of savings.


        Ipay’s Canteen was established in May 14, 1984 after the owner Cherry pie Del Rosario’s grandmother retire from tailoring business, they planned to make a dining eatery. Before Ipay’s Canteen was formed, the owners family was very busy servicing bulk orders. It was all their delighted customers that convinced them to put up a restaurant where anybody can enjoy their unique quality of food whenever they want to.


        Ipay Canteen’s pride themselves in providing good food that is reasonably priced with an outstanding quality in mind to please every discerning patron. Matched with good service, the food alone is a must to try! It’s a family oriented restaurant that turns into the all-time favorite of all in CLSU.

        After a successful years of operation the CLSU management and also the owner decided to change its location when they have the enough amount to establish another restaurant near its previous location.

By: Renselle Joy Palomo


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