Lantern Fest: A symbolism of incandescence

       Lantern festivals mean different things to different nationalities and countries, actually each locality or place yields its own “flavor” on how it will become special as the years gone by.

         Central Luzon State University’s Lantern Festival is one of the most awaiting event not just in Nueva Ecija but also on other provinces. Undoubtedly, thousands of people came from different localities and provinces visited the said university just to become a part of this annual exceptional event. In celebration of Christmas, each college will provide lanterns that are ornately designed and meticulously constructed. These lanterns come in various colors and sizes making it more appealing especially as it glows on the tranquil night. Its visual effect ignites a certain feeling of love, romance and magic as you watched the twinkling, blinking and flashing glory on this grand Christmas display. Aside from that, you will able to witness the spectacular fireworks display which is the highlight of the event. As it start to resemble a fountain of sparks with its sound effects, that’s is a sign for a night bursting with fun and excitement is about to start.

       You will also entertained by live bands, pageant, competition among different colleges on street dance and many more experiences that you might create. (unique food stalls in addition) The best part of it is spending night with your companions or loved ones on the oval, seizing the moment and waiting for the sun to rise. Actually, there’s a hearsay that the person you with during your first time in lantern festival, is the person who will stay in your life for a long time.

By: Kate Ann Policarpio

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