Macky’s Café Jazz and Jive

About Macky’s Café Jazz and Jive

       Passion, wisdom, knowledge, desire and creativity brought together the individuals responsible for the evolution of the concept that is Café Jazz and Jive. The Café, as it fondly called, is the first Third wave café to open in Central Luzon State University, offering a mix of as much 5 varieties of coffee beans.

        These are all roasted to perfection and brewed in all methods possible, and paired with food prepared in a contemporary style that merges a varied selection of cuisines.

Macky’s Café Jazz and Jive Menu

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“Place for coffee lovers. Come. Relax. Talk and exchange ideas”

          Macky’s Café Jazz and Jive does not only exhibit supremacy in speciality coffee; it does wonders in the culinary field as well. The theme of their menu is “Gourmet Food Selections”, a collection of comfort foods from local and beyond, carefully thought of by the kitchen team.

          From appetizers to desserts, the kitchen staff streamlined the best recipes to come up with food items that are both delicious and cost-friendly. With effective food pairing in mind, the kitchen team worked hand in hand with the Café’s baristas to match food items with beverages that go well with each other.

           All in all, the Macky’s Café Jazz and Jive’s food offerings will always be up to date, as they are always conducting research and development to ensure that both traditional and comfort food items are prepared in the most modern style possible.

          Macky’s Café Jazz and Jive is located in Marketing, CLSU, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija along the Maharlika Highway.

By: Renselle Joy Palomo


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