Oj’s Avenue ph

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“Bring your barkada and we will be serving meals, snacks and blended beverages specially made for you”

     Oj’s Avenue Ph’s cuisine was first inspired by a fusion of Authentic American and Native Filipino Food. Oj’s Avenue Ph is one of the restaurant here in CLSU wherein you will find great ambiance, as well as the food and a very attending wait staff.

      From appetizers to desserts, the staff streamlined the best recipes to come up with food items that are both delicious and cost-friendly. With effective food pairing in mind, the kitchen team worked hand in hand to match food items with beverages that go well with each other.

       Dining at Oj’s Avenue Ph gives everyone a pleasurable experience. Diners are served with only the freshest food ranging from Filipino favorites- Sisig, Crispy Pata. Beef etc. Ultimately, every item on the menu goes perfectly well with your favourite beverages.

       The establishment is located in S.H., Escudero Street, Old Market, CLSU up to present. Now a day’s Oj’s Avenue is one of the bar and restaurant that people continued to patronize because of the quality of service is guaranteed and continue to be a trend. The restaurant is still innovating to give great dining experience and to exceed people’s expectation.

By: Renselle Joy Palomo


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