A nightmare. A nightmare that supposedly ended his life-almost ended his life. A close touch on the door knob, he almost meet death.
        A nightmare has become one of the caused of death. Even what or who your identity is, when it targeted you, you have no escape point for it will. Nightmare can kill you with vigorously frightening dreams. There is also this Filipino belief that there is a certain spirit who caused nightmare. This spirit will do its ‘way’ and there you’ll be having a nightmare. Nightmare could also happened in a simple way. But either of these were far from good.



      In CLSU, there is house, seems like an abandon one, neighboring the University President’s house. It was indeed a great place. A good structured house. However, since no one’s living in there, and the fact that it’s not being clean and tidy up, it looks an abandon one. The house was said to be once lived by this two students. Though before them there are also people who lived in there. There is no sign of any creepy things at first, they are fine. Except for that certain night when they are near graduation.
        They are sleeping in the same room. The other one woke up as there’s a sudden tiny knock on the door. At first he ignored it. At first, he still continue to sleep. But there is it again, not tiny though but a fast, loud knocks.
Four, abrupt, fast knocks that disturbed his slumber. And so he decided to open it up. He then stood up, deciding to wake his fellow up too.
by: Umirah Martin

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