Haunted Site

         You can look back, but never, ever, look up. CLSU is known for being a nature friendly school. It is a University which has a large number of trees planted alongside the buildings. The trees has a huge part in the University, thus it is really being valued. By walking around, you can see small up to large trees with thin to thick branches and trunks, swaying with the wind and silently watching you around. One of the places that was not being visited often is the Graduation Site. Since, given that it’s mostly used for graduation, as what the place name is; it is actually located in front of the Reimer’s Hall and the old library.
           Even so, what’s unsettling aside from that? There was a rumor saying that it was, that that site, is a cemetery in the past decades. With no presented enough detail and facts, it is hard to decipher what really is this site way back. It is silent inside the site. With trees alongside with gate enclosing it. The stage stand tall in the far end, with the aisle extending into the far entrance. It is really silent. Someone who’s cleaning and tidying up the site was the one we interviewed. Asking about the rumor, but as what I’ve said, the details and info’s are very little that even the interviewee isn’t sure whether it is or not.
           However, the interviewee then confessed that he can feel their presence in there. Whereas, there are also times that ‘they’ interfere with him which caused him to feel light headed and weak. He also said that maybe ‘they must be fond of him as he is always there cleaning and tiding the site. We ask if he’s not scared or frightened, but he said he wasn’t, he also added that they are not that bad. Furthermore, what really is distressing is when he mention about this certain tree. An old-big tree, maybe also older three to four times the age of the millennial. Its thick and dark branches are as is those branched of other trees out there. But what makes it different is that large man with deep voice, living in that tree.
          The interviewee told that the large man even communicated with him, working him up when he slept at the stage of the Graduation Site. The interviewee might be lying. But if you wanna try, Graduation Site together with its surrounding establishment, is always open for you. Just remember, if even you felt the presence, you can look back, but just never look up. If you don’t wanna see, him looking down, straight to your eyes.
by: Umirah Martin

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