May you Rest in Peace


      Central Luzon State University was already built a hundred and ten years ago. American superintendents had formerly run the school, which wasn’t yet named Central Luzon State University. Reimer’s Hall, that can be found these days near the University auditorium, was one of the oldest establishment in the said University. It was built way back 1935-1936 under William Wade Head which was first known as Concordia Hall which served as a cinema of the school. Later those years, its name has been changed into Reimer’s Hall as for tribute for Christian Reimer, that also became a superintendent of the said school, as for his contributions.
          Reimer’s Hall and also, the first library, had been coexisted with the founding of the University. The two establishments which were built near one another were one of the ancient establishment in the University which has a huge historical value as they both witness how the school grew. Until the two establishement experienced such tremendous happenings wherein, they’d both been shaken by one of those tedious catastrophe when an earthquake way back 90’s tried to tumble and bring them down. The establishments’ strength had been tested, and Reimer’s Hall only made it, the library didn’t. Life- or perhaps lives, also come to an end, as they fell together to the ground.
          It’s being told that only the librarian died. They said she has been hit and obscured by, who knows, hundred numbers of books on shelves. Though on the other side, they say that not only the librarian’s life has been put to an end. There are still students left inside which also had been buried under the books. But who knows? Since the years goes by, only a little detail about that dread tragedy made it ‘til now. Nevertheless, do you know what’s disturbing about it? So unsettling that just a mere thought about something unknown, something blurred can make you feel troubled.
          Because it seems like, the details are the only one time can bury. But never Her soul (their soul) Because students still can see, students, these days, can still caught a glimpse of her. The short-haired petite librarian, the one who died under the books and its shelves. She, she is still here, lurking near the destroyed library. Lads and lass’ playing around told they did, though it’s still unsure. But the picture, the picture made it possible to recognize that its her. They caught a shot of her. Her, sitting near the Graduation site, almost in front of the Reimer’s Hall’s building. Though, it is still a puzzle. She’s here. Does that mean, she’s not the only one? Nevertheless, for those mystery and thrill seeker, those horror and spooky things lover; you are welcome to visit the site, and see or perhaps feel them by yourselves.
by: Umirah Martin

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